Uppsala  Universitet

Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala University (UU) is Sweden´s first university and was founded in 1477, with a long history and rich traditions. At Uppsala university there are about 40.000 students, approximately 23.000 full time students and 6.300 employees. Uppsala University is a broad research university with well-defined missions: to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to collaborate with the surrounding community. The Department of Education (EDU) is one of the largest departments at Uppsala University. The Department of Education has around 200 teachers, researchers and administrators employeed. The department has around 3.000 students. The subject areas: Curriculum Studies, Educational Sciences and Educational Sociology. The most extensive education commission is within the core courses of the Teacher Education Programs. The Teacher Education Programs consist of Preschools and Preschool Classes, (Preschool Classes, preparatory for children aged 6-7). Primary Schools, divided into a Preschool Class and grades 1-3 and grades 4-6. Secondary Schools Grades 7-9 and Upper Secondary Schools. Uppsala University (UU) provides support for quality efforts undertaken by departments and faculty boards.

This is given in the form of, for example: Alumni studies, Course evaluation support, Evaluation support, Support for quality assessments by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. At Uppsala University there are pan-University support functions for quality work: Office of Quality Enhancement and Academic Teaching and Learning, Office of User Support and Educational Technology, Competence Forum. For international students we take part in International Student Barometer (ISB) and other quality systems.


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