CEM – Centro Educazione Media

CEM – Centro Educazione Media

CEM (Pavia Media Education Center) is a no-profit association that has the aim of promoting the study, dissemination and training of relevant disciplines: a) the media education and media responsible use; b) the enhancement of multi/plurilingualism and any communication code; c) the expertise in building educational projects locally, nationally and internationally. Pursuing its objectives,  CEM – Organizes and carries out research and teaching; – Organizes and manages events and training courses ; – Creates and publishes multimedia materials; – Develops, builds and manages projects, also in collaboration with public and private entities at the local, national and international levels; – Constitutes research networks and local training, nationally and internationally.

MEDIA EDUCATION The working group of the MEDIA EDUCATION focuses on promoting an effective approach to the media, working mainly on two aspects: the raising of awareness of every individual with respect to the risks and opportunities of the web and the integration of media in teaching. CEM takes care to provide strategies and methods to better understand today’s kids, the digital natives, analyzing how to act for dealing with possible risks that the web can bring (eg the Cyberbullying), but also how to exploit the immense opportunities that it offers, in terms of social, emotional and cognitive development (eg carry out together with the Municipality of Pavia – Department of Education and other organizations the project “Safe in the Network” for secondary schools, which will start in February 2017 for the third edition). CEM offers courses on the integration of digital media in education as tools for learning and expressing creativity. The goal is to provide through targeted activities, b.p. Digital Storytelling, the skills required to actively participate in the construction of traditional and digital knowledge.

CEM – Centro Educazione ai Media

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