Casa Corpului Didiactic Bacau

Casa Corpului Didiactic Bacau

“Grigore Tabacaru” Teacher Training Centre Bacau, Romania (CCD Bacau) is a non-profit public institution, subordinated to the General Directorate of Human Resources Management from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. Its mission is to promote innovation and reform in education, and to provide the framework for personal and professional development of staff in pre-university education. The activity of CCD Bacau is regulated by National Education Law no. 1/2011 with subsequent modifications, correlated with the European and national policies and strategies for education, and in accordance with professional and quality standards for teaching career. CCD Bacau has a broad and diversified portfolio of teacher training programs developed by its own trainers, as well as, by collaborators, specialists in various fields. During school year 2016-2017, the seven trainers and over 50 collaborators are runningeight continuous training programs accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education, totaling 170 professional credits, and another 96 courses endorsed by the same Ministry, classified in eight categories: Curriculum Development; Educational Management; Educational Strategies; Methodical Counseling; Assessment in Education; Psycho-pedagogical Counseling; Non-formal Education; Personal Development.

The courses are carried out face to face and online using the platform It is a professional platform designated to personal and professional development of educators.It has over 17400 users at national level and provides a network for collaborative projects between schools. The online courses developed and conducted by CCD Bacau can be taken by trainees as both as self-paced and with tutoring.

Casa Corpului Didactic “Grigore Tabacaru” Bacau

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