Universitè Paris 8 – Vincennes Saint-Denis

Universitè Paris 8 – Vincennes Saint-Denis

University Paris 8 is a higher education and research center in humanities, social sciences, arts, computer sciences and economic sciences. With over 30% of its 22,000 population made up of international students, the University of Paris 8 is the most international of French universities, giving birth to the concept of “world university” that defines it today. The University of Paris 8 is actively working to promote international cooperation initiatives to respond to a continuous demand in both the teaching and the research fields. Paris 8 has developed expertise in international relations and management research in order to assist students, teachers and staff in their entire range of international projects. There are double degree programmes including 13 active ones and 2 degrees offshore. In the development of these projects, UP8 has been involved in an increasing number of European projects such as Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, Erasmus+ Capacity Building, Erasmus+ Joint degrees, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, EuropeAid, etc..

University Paris 8 participated in the European Project PLURI-LA (Multilingualism – Language Autobiographies). She was the sponsor of the 2012-2014 project with partner countries: Italy, Romania, Sweden, Portugal, England and Poland. At the end of the project, pedagogical guides, a training module for trainers, a booklet of plurlingual texts (Booklet), a map of languages, the Newsletter, were proposed. A final conference was held in May 2014 at the university. Romanian colleagues published two books in French, English and Romanian on “language autobiographies”.

Université Paris 8

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